One-Step Sample Preparation

BcMag™ One-Step Magnetic Sample Preparation Platform uses specifically designed magnetic beads modified with our proprietary chemistry to remove >90% of target biomolecules (impurities) from biological samples. The protocol is straightforward and uses a one-step, one-tube protocol, leading to product recovery greater than 90%. The robust beads offer different complementary solutions for efficiently removing impurities from DNA/RNA, lipids, endotoxin, detergents, toxic metal ions, fluorescent dyes, and host cell proteins. Because of their magnetic properties, the beads can significantly reduce the time and effort required for purification and enable parallel application and automation.

How It Works

  1. Add functional magnetic beads to the sample.
  2. Mix the samples with the magnetic beads to capture the target biomolecules (impurities).
  3. Remove the beads with a magnet.
  4. Aspirate the supernatant containing the pure ready-to-use products.

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Features and Advantages

One-Step, One-Tube, and One Minute protocol

> 90% product recovery

Remove >90% of target impurities

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