Magnetic Beads Make Things Simple

Magnetic Beads

Make Things Simple

  • Consistent accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity with a trace amount of sample.
  • DNA extraction-free
  • One-Step, One-Tube, No liquid transfer.
  • No DNA damage, loss, and higher yields of higher- purity.
  • Process hundreds of samples in less than 30 minutes.
  • Samples: Blood, Saliva, Mammalian Cells, Mouse Tail, FFPE & FNA, Plant, Fungi, Bacteria, Buccal Cell, Touch DNA, Dandruff Cells, Fingerprint, Rootless Hair, Bone & Teeth, Sexual Assault Casework
  • One-Step, One-Tube, and One Minute protocol
  • > 90% product recovery
  • Remove >90% of target impurities:
Detergent, SDS, Fluorescence Dye, ssDNA, DNA, RNA, DNA/RNA, Endotoxin, PCR Inhibitor, PCR purification, Lipids, Albumin, HSA/IgG, Total Protein,  Mg2+, Ca2+
  • Ultra sensitive-Lower detection limits of 10 pg/mL
  • Zero background
  • No wash step involved
  • 15-minute incubation
  • Magnetic beads enrich the target molecules
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence Magnetic Beads
  • Time-Resolved Fluorescence FRET Assay
  • Covalent Conjugation of Fluorophore
  • Fluorescence-Based Assays

Magnetic Beads – A Powerful Biotechnology tool

Magnetic Beads

A PowerfulBiotechnology tool

Magnetic Beads

A Powerful

Biotechnology tool

Magnetic beads are widely used in biotechnology for various applications such as purification, isolation, and separation of biomolecules and cells. They are often used in combination with specific antibodies or other targeting molecules to selectively capture target molecules from a complex mixture. The magnetic properties of the beads allow for easy and efficient separation from the rest of the mixture using a magnetic field. Magnetic bead-based methods are commonly used in research, diagnostics, and bioprocessing industries.

  •  Magnetic bead-based purification
  •  Magnetic bead-based enrichment
  •  Magnetic bead-based assay
  •  Magnetic bead-based isolation
  •  Magnetic bead-based bioreactor
  •  Immunomagnetic bead separation
  •  Magnetic bead-based bioprocessing
  •  Magnetic bead-based biosynthesis
  •  Magnetic bead-based bioconjugation
  •  Magnetic bead-based protein purification
  •  Magnetic bead-based nucleic acid purification
  •  Magnetic bead-based biomolecule purification
  •  Magnetic bead-based cell separation
  •  Magnetic bead-based target capture
  • Pre-activated noncleavable and cleavable linker Magnetic Beads

Amine, NHS, Carboxyl, Tosyl, Epoxy, DVS, Iodoacetyl, Aldehyde, Thiol, Sulfhydryl, CDI, Hydrazide, Hydroxyl, Alkyne, and Azide

  • Pre-immobilized Magnetic Beads

Streptavidin, Monomer Avidin, and Boronate Magnetic Beads

  • Pre-immobilized Protein A, Protein G, Protein A/G, and Protein L magnetic beads
  • Quick Antibody Purification Kit
  • One-Step Antibody Purification Kit
  • Glycoprotein & Antibody Conjugation Kit
  • Antigen-Specific Affinity Purification of Antibodies
  • Pull-down Assay
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
  • RNA Immunoprecipitation
  • Ion Exchanger Magnetic Beads:
    DEAE, PSA, SAX, PEI, WCX, SCX, and Hydroxyapatite

Ion Exchange Magnetic Beads are a type of bead that can be used for various bioseparation techniques, such as protein purification and nucleic acid purification. The beads are coated with a specific ion exchange resin, such as a cation exchange resin or an anion exchange resin, which allows them to bind specific ions or molecules. The beads can then be magnetically separated from the solution, allowing for easy and efficient purification of the desired molecules. They are used in many biotechnology and life science applications.

  • Hydrophobic Magnetic Beads:
    C-4, C8, C18, Phenyl, diphenyl, Cyanopropyl

Hydrophobic Magnetic Beads are small, spherical particles that are coated with a hydrophobic (water-repelling) material and have a magnetic core. They are commonly used in laboratory techniques such as protein purification, cell separation, and DNA isolation. The beads can be easily manipulated using a magnetic field, allowing for efficient and selective separation of target biomolecules or cells from a mixture.

  • Recombinant Protein & cDNA Bacteria Antigen (>1000), Parasite Antigen (>700), Virus Antigen (>1500), Toxin Protein (75)
  • GST-tagged Protein Purification Kit
  • IDA Ni His tagged protein purification Kit
  • IDA Co His tagged protein purification Kit
  • Secreted His tagged protein purification Kit
  • Low Expression His-tagged Protein Purification Kit

A magnetic separation rack (also called a separator or stand) separates these complexes of magnetic beads and their bound components from a complex mixture in solution. This procedure produces an isolated solution of your desired biological constituents, which can then be enhanced and concentrated

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Magnetic Beads Make Things Simple